Private Hire Luxury Country Hall for Celebrity Getaways in the UK

The majestic and palatial Rudby Hall, situated in scenic and picturesque Yorkshire is the ideal location for those in search of a private hire luxury country hall for celebrity getaways in the UK. This lavish and extravagantly beautiful mansion once housed the daughter of King William 1V, Lady Amelia Cary and her husband the 10th Viscount Falkland. Found in a stunning part of the country, the Grade 11 listed Georgian structure offers the ultimate in sheer elegance, grace and luxurious escape and meets every need and more of those seeking a private hire luxury country hall for celebrity getaways in the UK.

Secluded & Secure Grounds


This country hall is the complete definition of stylish, grand and unique design. Standing in a secluded location it offers all celebrities the gift of privacy and indulgence. It is defined by its striking visual beauty and its unique position on the enchanting River Leven. A treehouse, a wonderful selection of local wildlife including a fantastic family of peacocks and 10 amazing acres enables adults and children alike to enjoy an intimate holiday in tranquil and private surroundings.


High-End Accommodation


Rudby Hall's incredible 13 bedrooms have been designed to provide guests with the ultimate in luxurious design and unique ambiance. The mansion holds a long and fascinating history, much of which has been retained and honoured within its many magnificent rooms. Every bedroom is named after an individual that has a place in the mansion's story and each private space is exceptionally exquisite throughout. We aim to offer the finest services to our valued guests and we facilitate the highest level of care and attention at all times ensuring we consistently provide quality private luxury accommodation for celebrity getaways in the UK. The mansion consists of a multitude of spaces offering various alluring atmospheres within such as the grandiose reception rooms, the welcoming aura of the drawing room, the elegance of the library and the spectacular sight of the entrance hall. The mansion is a mesmerising place filled with historic charm and offers the finest private hire luxury country hall for celebrity getaways in the UK.

Butler Service & Five-star Dining


We provide our celebrity guests with first-class services at all times. Our stellar team is made up of some of the finest professionals in the UK including one of its leading Masterchefs, Artisan bakers and specialist wine connoisseurs that dedicate themselves to the provision of a carefully selected and prepared menu of the highest quality. Furthermore, guests are cordially invited to create a bespoke menu of their choosing. Beautiful and delicious cuisine combined with a five-star butler service ensures a sensational dining experience for our guests.  We implement the highest possible standards on a consistent basis to deliver the first-class services we are renowned for. We maintain these standards without exception and we are proud to provide prestigious private hire luxury country hall for celebrity getaways in the UK.